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We look into the alternative data sources and our on the ground network of experts and insiders to provide you with market research and consulting services focused on semiconductor industry. Our views are unbiased and solely dictated by data. We pride ourselves on conducting a diligent, primary semiconductor market research that meets customers requirements. Subscribe to our semiconductor market news analysis and semiconductor market research reports to stay on top of transformations in one of the world’s most dynamic and important industries. Talk to our market research analysts to find the product that is best suited to your needs. 

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semiconductors market research

the selection of thematic semiconductors market research reports

Semiconductors Market Research Report presents in detail the landscape of semiconductor industry in 2021, shaped by the new trends, geopolitics and the pandemic.

Automotive Semiconductors Market Research Report describes and analyses automotive semiconductor industry in 2021, impacted by the acute shortages and increasing electrification of vehicles.  

Japan’s Semiconductors Market Research Report brings you intelligence on Japan’s semiconductor industry in 2021, influenced by the country’s strong position in semiconductors materials and its government’s support to attract foundries.

The Semiconductors Sensors Market Research Report  provides a comprehensive picture of semiconductor sensors industry in 2021. Driven by the growing need to digitize and analyze inputs from the physical world spurred by the revolution in IoT, AI and Big Data industries.

Actionable semiconductor research

Results of our market research support business and political leaders in a complex process of decision making.

Will Xian lockdown affect DRAM supply?

Samsung Electronics and Micron Technology are slowing down production at their memory chip plants in Xi’an, China. The reason is that Xi’an, a city with a population of 12 million, went into lockdown on December 23, 2021, due to the spread of COVID-19. If more stringent restrictions are added, it will be difficult to mitigate… Read More »Will Xian lockdown affect DRAM supply?


Competition to increase in Hafnium precursors

SK hynix is ​​making a move to diversify the sources of procurement for hafnium (Hf)-based high-k (high permittivity) precursors, which are being supplied solely from affiliate SK Trichem. SK hynix started evaluation work from the second half of last year to apply the Hf precursor of Mecaro, a South Korean KOSDAQ listed company, for the… Read More »Competition to increase in Hafnium precursors


Atomic Force Microscope for EUV masks inspection

South Korean Park Systems, a company specializing in atomic force microscopy (AFM) based nano measurement, has developed a mask inspection equipment for EUV. It is capable of inspecting and improving defects without damaging the mask. Park Systems’ solution is currently undergoing equipment testing with major global foundry companies. EUV has a shorter wavelength compared to… Read More »Atomic Force Microscope for EUV masks inspection




Growth in deployments of Small Low Earth Orbit satellites changes the private space industry landscape. Offering enhanced capabilities in communication, navigation, military and earth observation industries at decreasing costs. Creating growth opportunities for adjacent industries, providing on-orbit positioning, launch, traffic management and debris removal services. Our intelligence brings you closer in understanding of new business opportunities in space.


Semiconductors are US fourth most important exports by value. The industry is also critical to the economies of South East Asia, as Taiwan and South Korea, being responsible for a major part of their GDPs. China’s electronic industry is dependent on semiconductor imports, the situation that Beijing tries to change with generous subsidies program. The development of the sector is fuelled by the roll out of 5G technology and server segment, spurred from demand’s of working from home among coronavirus epidemic.

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