Intelligence on Semiconductor Market& industry

We provide you with actionable insights on semiconductor industry. 

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About US

We look into the alternative data sources and our on the ground network of experts and insiders to provide you with objective research and consulting services in semiconductor industry. 

How do we add value?

Non-consensus forecasts

We are not afraid to break from the herd if we have a strong basis for it

Asia focused

We are focused on acquiring a deep understanding of Asia's semiconductors market and its participant

New perspective

We help you to look at market challenges and opportunities from different angles


In our reports we cover:

  • industry & market trends
  • market participants profiles
  • we map supply chains showcasing relationships between buyers and sellers
  • materials and chemicals used in semiconductors industry
  • trade information
  • capacities
Bespoke research services

Do you seek to undersand specific SEGMENT OF semiconductor industry to draw actionable conclusions?