The report presents in detail the landscape of Japan’s semiconductor industry in 2021, shaped by the country’s strong position in semiconducutor materials and its government’s support to attract foundries.



Japan’s Inc. still profits from an extensive IP in semiconductors materials and equipment industry, despite the mediocre level of innovation in other segments. Japanese government recognizing growing importace of the chip companies globally as well as foundry capacity shortages, goes to great lenghts to support the domestic industry and attract expertise and capital from abroad.

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In our market report on Japan’s semiconductor industry you will find: 

Detailed profiles of Japanese semiconductor companies across market segments

Presenting major players, new entries with commercial track record and the most promising start-ups

Prevailing market trends

Major directions of development for Japan’s semiconductor industry


Capacity and demand estimations across segments, 5 & 10 years forecasts

Macroeconomic environment

Politics and legislation influencing Japanese semiconductor industry

Risk assessment

Projections sensitivity analysis, assessment of risks impacting the industry growth. Identification of potential supply chain bottlenecks


Discussion of major recent investments, mergers and acquisitions, including Japanese companies semiconductor acquisitions abroad. Discussion of Japan’s state support for semiconductor industry and its financing schemes 


In what areas Japanese semiconductor companies are globally competitive? 

 Supply chain

Analysis of supply chains to Japan’s semiconductor industry.  Identification of major imports dependencies


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