The report presents in detail the landscape of semiconductor sensors industry in 2021, shaped by the growing need to digitize and analyze inputs from the physical world spurred by the revolution in IoT, AI and Big Data industries.

Semiconductor sensors market & industry report


Most sensors operate based on semiconductors measuring chemical, electrical, mechanical, radiant, magnetic or thermal phenomena in a physical world.  The growth in demand for sensors started with proliferation of smartphones, equipped in numerous sensors for touch, acceleration, magnetic reading, and proximity. Nowadays sensors are key for further development of Internet of Things, autonomous cars and continuous optimization of numerous industries where data from factory floors or oil rigs translates into game changing insights. 


How do we add value?

Non-consensus forecasts

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New perspective

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In our market report on semiconductor sensors industry you will find: 

Detailed profiles of companies

Presenting major players and new promising start-ups in semiconductor sensors segment.

Prevailing market trends

Everything that you need to know on current state of the market, including major and emerging trends.


Supply and demand estimations, 5 & 10 years forecasts

Production methods

Overview of semiconductor sensors manufacturing processes

Risk assessment

Projections sensitivity analysis, assessment of risks impacting the semiconductor sensors industry growth


Discussion of major recent investments, mergers and acquisitions


What is state of the art and what constitutes a cutting edge in semiconductor sensors industry?

 Supply chain

Analysis of  possible bottlenecks in semiconductor sensors segment, components and materials dependecies



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